SANO Releases a New song Belongs To Me.

IMG-20160822-WA0010.jpgSano Olivier is an upcoming gospel Artist from Rwanda . Here is his Bio Data.

” Iam called SANO Olivier, iam male, was born in Rwanda 1990. Iam an upcoming international gospel artist. I have 79kgs of weight. Iam single but will get married. Iam a born again Christian in Believers Love World and iam a coordinator of campus ministry Rwanda AKA Christ Embassy

I started singing when I was 7years untill now and I love it .

I have released two songs now that is ; * I BELIEVE IN JESUS     and * BELONGS TO ME.

I believe in Jesus has a video which was released on 25th July 2016 . You can check it out on YouTube.

The new song BELONGS TO ME was released on 17th August 2016.

These are the download links to the songs . https//youtu.be/X4NG9cVakYQ https//youtu.be/WQV1j6tG0 https//youtu.be/kjppHwREdu8

Follow him on all social media platforms for more information

Facebook >> Sano Olivier,

Twitter >> @sanolivier10 ,

Instagram >> OlivierSano ,

YouTube >> Sano Olivier .IMG-20160502-WA0014.jpg#BelongsToMe


Coopy Bly introduces a #BillboardChallenge

IMG-20160809-WA0111.jpg You have seen him perform and minister to people but this is Coopy Bly one last time. The first time I heard it, many things went through my head and I asked my self.. One last time? But yes it is. #CoopyBlyLive16 is his last show when he’s single. It’s a good idea . (right? ) It’s on the 17th September 2016 at MTN Arena Lugogo. Gates open at 5:00pm sharp entrance fee is 10.000 Ug. Shillings for the generals and 30.000 for VIP . There will be copies of all his albums too . Plan to buy your self one. During an interview last night at Spirit FM with Deejay Awar , he said ” come with clothes which are not that clean because the holy spirit will be at work and you might get slain. ” that makes it a dress code. ( just thinking)

Today he brings you a #BillboardChallenge where you get to win two tickets to the show. All you need to do is; Locate a #CoopyBlyLive16 billboard, take a selfie with it in the background, upload it on social media that is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including the area (location) of the billboard. Remember to tag @coopyBly and hash tag #CoopyBlyLive16 #BillboardChallenge. Tell your friends to like and share your post. The picture with many likes will win two tickets to the show. Let the fun begin . InstagramCapture_689d2551-6fde-4d1b-afbb-2203441b5adb.jpgSee you on 17th Sept 2016 at MTN arena #CoopyBlyLive16 #BillboardChallenge

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My first #TakeABreak trip to Mount Sabinyo.

“Okutambula kulaba, Okudda kunyumya.” I took a break and now it’s time for story telling. I’ve always seen guys go for trips on different tourist attractions, taking pictures, making videos and I’ve read a lot of blogs about travel. This is “Take a break” and forget about the primary trips!

Every time these trips happen I’m either broke or in some engagement but this time round, I got the information from twitter where #TakeABreak was advertising a mountain hike to Mount Sabinyo in Kisoro district (Western Uganda).

I picked interest since hiking is not what locals usually do here, so I cleared my schedule and started preparing for the trip, went on a hunt for hiking shoes, started walking longer distances and reading about hiking.

D-day came and I was set for the trip! I packed my bags and was ready for the adventure .

We set off from Kampala at around 1:30am with music playing, jazz way up, slept, woke up, watched movies and by morning, we were in Mbarara to pick the rest of the guys. We took breakfast, freshened up and were ready to continue to Kisoro.

We made stop overs, took pictures like at Lake bunyonyi view stop where we rested abit and then continued. We got to Kisoro in the evening, booked our hotel rooms and hit the town to look for where to dine. We spotted lots of chips at only 1500/= with fresh cabbage which we settled for. This is unheard of in Kampala, 1500/= can barely buy you Rwenzori.

We got back to the hotel when we were all freezing. Kisoro is soooo cold. Bathing became a problem but I finally did with warm water. I slept at 7:00pm and woke up at 5:30am ready to hike!

We had breakfast, had some briefing and off we went to mount Sabinyo. It’s really a long distance from town to Mount Mgahinga.

We set off with alot of energy and hype. We walked, and got to the base after a very long distance. The Guide told us that we had not yet started the mountain yet I was tired already. We ate glucose and hit to the virgin land of the mountain, moved through a bamboo shrub and it started raining .

Rain hit me to the point of freezing, I could no longer hold the walking stick, was all wet, my backpack became drenched and very heavy. I almost left it behind but I remembered it had my lunch. Besides, the guide told me that it would kill my pase.

We got to the first stop and at this point, it had stopped raining heavily it was only drizzling . I fell down and I almost gave up thinking I was on the first pick but joke on me, I still had a long way to get to the first pick . I actually told the guys that I’ve given up. After resting, I gained momentum and decided to move on. I walked, slipped, fell but didn’t give up.

There were steep ladders that made me feel like just flying to the top. At some point, thoughts started running through my mind of what if I fall off the ladders down to the steep sides… I decided to crawl on them because I couldn’t risk.

We moved on and on and finally reached the first pick. This pick is shared by Rwanda and Uganda. We could see a Town called Ruhengere, before it was covered by fog and a town called Bunagana in congo which was cut into two, one part in Congo and the other in Uganda.

The Coldness was overwhelming at the mountain peak because we were 3000+ meters above sea level. We rested, took lunch andcaptured some moments . Because it was very cold, we decided to slope back down. Getting down the steep ladders was a challenge. We had to sit down and crawl with our bums. At this point we didn’t care about the dirt, as shoes were filled with water. Falling down was inevitable but thankfully we walked to the base alive and kicking but with minor injuries and then to our bus. At this point, I couldn’t feel my legs. I freshened up, changed clothes and went out to look for food.

We later hit the road to Mbarara dropped off the team from Mbarara at 1:16am then we continued to kampala and arrived by 5:30am. I got a safeboda to home freshened up and hit the road to work. The hustler in me couldn’t rest. Money has to be made.

Btw I read about hiking but I couldn’t get it untill l experienced it. So I was not that ready since I didn’t work out. It was very hectic but hey, it was all worth it. The experience was real. I said I won’t hike again but I’m sure if another hiking trip comes up in the near future, with enough training , I will make it to the finishing line.

Till the next trip.

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How do you get your tailor to finish your work on time?

Christmas is around the corner and the holiday excitement is way up. We are about to break our saving boxes to go for shopping. Talk about shopping, Is it me, or the custom made clothes are on for real, If yes, let me tell you a story of how my friends don’t want me to move on with trends and prosper. I also don’t want the custom made stuff trend to leave me behind. yes, I just can’t allow.

First, I saw beautiful shoes that were designed using spray on Pinterest. Like a normal fashion lover, I downloaded the picture and sent it to my friend who does art. He said he can do it. He even sent me samples of his recent work. With my local excitement, I got my new white pair of shoes with the money and I gave them to him. I gave him enough time to do the magic. Few months down the road I start demanding for my shoes. He gave me every kind of excuse until I went to his art gallery. A tear dropped as my shoes were still wet with spray plus the work was not nice at all. I had no option but take my new ugly shoes.

Like I had not learnt enough lesson, I bought a kitengi fabric , did my normal routine of googling designs. Because I wanted to support my friend’s business, I again took it to my friend. She did the measurements , I paid her half and also gave her enough time to finish it.

This time round I really needed the dress for my friends function. After a few months of waiting, I started to tell her that i wanted my cloth. She said she’d deliver which I believed. Months went by, weeks and then days to the event. All this time shes promising to deliver. I kept on asking her but for some reason I trusted her even when she gave me excuses.

I lost hope on the wedding eve. I got a safeboda to her home. I called like a million times but she didn’t pick. I sent messages and she told me that she was far away. Remember my event is the next day. I then told her that I was at her home, she told me that the clothes were not there, that they were in kiyembe for a certain type of finishing. .. I started to get worried. all this time her mom is calling her but shes not picking. Her mom then remembers that she has a spare key to her room.

Her mum opened and the the first thing my eyes landed on were the pieces of my material. She had just started on cutting pieces to put it together. I was so pissed , I couldn’t believe my friend had done that to me. I was speechless. went home and hustled out an outfit but my day was already spoiled.

I learnt a bunch of lessons

  1. Never to put all my eggs in one busket
  2. never to trust a friend in business
  3. never to tell tailors the truth.

This left me with a question though,

How do y’all get your tailors to finish your work in time?

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The big October baby

I love to celebrate people. Most of the times its cake that stirs up my excitement. So October is here with lots of babies. lots of cake has been eaten and more is still to come. This month has given Me many blessings including the birth of my favorite internet service provider MTN Uganda. #MTNAt20

In October 1998 MTN was born in the pearl of Africa Uganda. Mtn has proved to be the best at its game of providing the best services with it’s secret weapon CONSISTENCY. I can’t forget to say that it’s ads give me life the current one ( Momopay ‘s Bosco) being my caller tune. Call me now and listen to Bosco ‘s story.

Well, Mtn Is set to have the longest birthday celebration ever. Six months y’all. This will include a number of events under the theme ” Celebrating the past, inspiring the future “. I’m more interested in the #Mtnexpo which will happen at the kololo independence grounds from Friday 19th-22nd October. The Expo will have MTN showcasing there innovations like #MTNXTIDAL, #MTNpulse , #MOMOcard and more

Entrance is just 5k that will on the other hand buy you drinks. This is almost free. Lots of fun, music, entertainment, partying and catching up with MTN officials. You might as also find that lady that tells you that ” ..your account balance is too law to complete this call, you can get an airtime loan… ….. ” 😂

How can I forget to tell you about the crazy discounts on phones, accessories and other products. Well, plan not to die because it’s gonna be an experience of a life time.

MTN everywhere you go… 💃.

My Experience

The Taxi hustle.

A taxi is a public means of transport used in Uganda licensed to carry 14 passengers. The cab you call a taxi means something else in Uganda !

So! how was today?? As usual, it’s a good evening. I’m coming from work.

I had spent the entire day toiling with a cold so before leaving office, I swallowed some flue and cough medicine , cough linctus to be exact.

Tick tack, it was finally time to go home so I walked to the bus stop, sat and waited for taxis going to Namugongo.

Few minutes later a coaster comes heading to Kireka(that’s half the distance to home.) I told the conductor that I was going to Kireka(one of the suburbs on the outskirts of the city)and he said; ” mama ziba lukumi ” literally meaning, mum it’s 1000 shillings.

I get into the coaster and doze off immediately. There was too much traffic jam so we took long to get to Kireka. We reached Kireka while I was fast asleep! Like real serious sleep… The conductor woke me up after driving a few minutes from Kireka saying ” madam, sigwe abadde aviilamu e’kireka?!”(madam, ain’t you the one getting off from Kireka?) I woke up, got out and walked back to the stage. It was painful because my eyes were still heavy with sleep 😥

I got into a probox , I waited for another 30 minutes for it to get full. I was already feeling sleepy. I slept off only to wake up in a car full of smoke. People were running out for their dear lives. I had to beat the sleep out of me and jumped out. I didn’t even get to know the cause of the smoke but just ran for my dear life Without even paying the driver.The shock I got made me walk up to home. I don’t remember the distance I walked, but all I know is I got home after walking for a while. I got home showered, slept and woke up in the morning wondering how long I had walked.

Taxi hustle is real…….

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The collector in me.

Art defines our everyday life, we live and breath art, God him self was the finest artist I have known. I mean, look at you , the seas, plants, animals , the skys the beauty on earth , name it, that’s all God’s work. He created us to be co-creaters with him . Many artists have come up with there innovations and yeah , they have become successful. It takes talent, persistence and love for one to be a very good artist.

Art has very many categories like painting, doodling, calligraphy, drawing, sculpting, modeling , and many more. Depending on your interest, you can be perfect in your field . I personally I’m interested in visual art.

This is an art where by you collect what most of the people call rubbish and you come up with something beautiful out of it. ( my own definition )

I love art, from my kindergarten , I have always loved art. In school you study how to shade and make beautiful pictures , In Sunday school , I usually looked forward to the painting part of the class. The Sunday school teacher gives you crayons and its like your whole world is there.

photo of sticky notes and colored pens scrambled on table
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

The love for art grew gradually from stage to stage. In high school I loved more of calligraphy than the drawing. I actually excelled more in Art than any other subjects like Geography , Economics and the like .

At campus I really wanted to do Industrial art but because of unavoidable situations , I did another course. This didn’t kill my passion for the arts. Being at campus introduced me to lots of friends who loved what I love.


Here I started decorating Church on events like Christmas productions . we made hand made decor for the production ranging from corns, ribbons , thread art, and many more. I was exposed to an App called Pinterest where I learn and get ideas of how to make what people call rubbish to something nice, artistic, lovely plus I  also earn from it.

See some of my work here — https://www.facebook.com/CraftingAround256/

I have come to embrace visual art as an individual. I keep almost everything. Even a button that drops off my worn out shirt I keep. The shirt it self is also useful at some point. Things like old CDs , Straws , toilet paper holders , thread , wine bottles , and many more can be used for a cooler purpose rather than throwing them away.





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PAUL Payne837 in NAKANA featuring DJ Victor256

Zambian recording artist/songwriter, Paul Payne837, will be dropping a timeless record for his fans & music lovers all around the world. This one, he titles “Nakana”, which means “i’ve refused” in nyanja, a Zambian
language, & it features Ugandan DJ, Victor256, with the production by Amazing Beats, from Uganda.

Since the release of his mixtape, “Makenika Mixtape” in 2016, the 24 year Zambian artist has been putting out quality material for his loyal fanbase & music addicts worldwide, with the title track, “Makenika” music video receiving international airplay.

For his latest release Paul Payne837 teams up with Ugandan DJ/music promoter Victor256 to create a timeless record with the afro & dancehall vibes.

Paul Payne837, who describes his music as dancehall & afro fusion, delivers outstandingly on “Nakana”, with an interesting story worth listening to, with a mid-tempo beat influenced by some plucky sounds accompanied with a nice bass-line arranged by Amazing Beats.

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The MTN Innovations Awards is a Platform we ( MTN Uganda ) created in 2015 to recognize outstanding Applications developed by Ugandans as well as Outstanding Individuals or Private organizations that are enabling the local innovation Eco-System.

This year, the awards will recognize Application Innovations in the following categories: Health, Education, Financial Services, SME, Agriculture, Media & Entertainment; these being strategic focus areas for MTN and for Uganda as a whole.

  • Entry Submission Deadline: 6th October 2017
  • Announcement of Winners: 8th Nov 2017
  • Entry Requirements: Each applicant will be obliged to the following in applying for Entry to be considered for any of the Awards:
  • Applications must be submitted online in English
  • The following will be required in the Application:
  • Filling of the Application Form
  • Upload a summary presentation in PDF format of the project/Application/initiatives being entered including performance
  • Two Reference letters
  • Applicants may enter in more than one category. In this case, an independent application must be made for each category.
  • All Applications received will be judged against selected criteria by a panel of judges to identify winners
  • Winners will be announced at the MTN Innovations Awards Event to be held on 8th Nov 2017
  • Best Health Application: Despite the significant improvements in the recent years, access to health care services continues to be one of the challenges for Uganda. Health status issues include High child & maternal mortality, Diseases like HIV, Malaria, etc, difficulty in accessing health care and inconsistent quality in primary health care. This Award seeks to recognize Applications that aim to extend reach, accessibility and efficiency in delivering health services. The app must address both consumers of health services & providers of health services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence features to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency.
  • Best Education Application: Barriers to educational opportunities arise from social and economic injustices, learning disabilities, geographic isolation, and lack of resources of all types. Used creatively, technology can enhance both the experience and reach of Education. This Award seeks to recognize Applications that are transforming the Experience and Reach of Education to ordinary Ugandans. . The app must address both consumers of education services & providers of education services and demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency
  • Best Financial Services Application: Financial Inclusion for all Ugandans is crucial in building true Economic empowerment in the 21st Century. The Government of Uganda has taken deliberate steps to build a more inclusive financial system as stipulated in its Vision 2040. Indeed in 2011, the Bank of Uganda adopted a new strategy for pushing forward the financial inclusion agenda based on four pillars: financial literacy, financial consumer protection, financial innovations and financial services data and measurement. This Award seeks to recognize Applications that are enabling any financial Inclusion. The app must address both consumers of financial services & providers of financial services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency
  • Best SME Application: It is estimated that SMEs contribute to about 90% of the private sector production in Uganda and the main source of new jobs especially in the low income segments. A key challenge in the SME sector is the limitation in resources to enable capacity building and growth to full potential. This award seeks to recognize Applications that aim to address productivity improvement in the SME sector. The app must address both consumers of services & providers of services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency
  • Best Agriculture Application: The agricultural sector is important to the Uganda Economy. In 2016, it was estimated to contribute 24% of GDP while employing over 50% of the population. This Award, seeks to recognize applications that are driving digitization for efficiency & productivity in the Agricultural sector. The app must address both consumers of education services & providers of education services and demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency
  • Best Media & Entertainment Application: Entertainment continues to be a key pillar of the Uganda lifestyle with passions including Music, Soccer, Gaming, etc. As the world of Entertainment becomes more digitized globally, the Local scene must adapt in order to benefit from the opportunities therein. The app must address both consumers of services & providers of services and demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility and efficiency
  • Most Innovative Mobile App: The Mobile phone has been central to the transformation of Uganda and the region as a whole. Today the mobile phone is not just a tool of Communication but rather a channel to Transfer Money, Buy and Sell goods, access Entertainment, etc. This award is also given at the judges’ discretion to Mobile applications that invent, innovate, revolutionize, recreate or transform things. It is therefore not a category that is open for entry. This app may or may not be from any of the categories indicated above.
  • Outstanding Woman in Innovation: This is award seeks to recognize Women that are demonstrating a leading role in defining the innovation for Uganda through Mobile Application Innovations that they have developed or other initiatives that they are driving towards building the eco-system.
  • Innovation Achiever of the Year: This is a special Award to recognize an Individual or private Entity that has had significant impact in defining, enabling and influencing the Innovation Eco-system of Uganda through local initiatives and activities.

Submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • For Entries to any of the Application Categories:
  • The Application is already launched and is being actively used with measurable impact ( e.g. number of users, revenue generated, etc)
  • The Application addresses a problem or opportunity as defined in the Award category
  • The Mobile App was launched from 2014 onwards
  • The Mobile Application was created by a Ugandan (s)
  • For Outstanding Woman in Innovation and Innovation Achiever of the year:
  • The individual or organization has been active in the innovation space of Uganda for at least 4 years
  • The individual or private organization has implemented initiatives that are:
  • Of pioneering impact in Uganda
  • Still actively running or completed with positive results
  • Implemented in Uganda or internationally with direct benefits for Uganda
  • Have or will have a long term positive and sustainable impact for innovation in Uganda
  • Have or will have potential for a Mass market
  • Have or will result in positioning Uganda in the global innovation space regionally or internationally

Categories for Applications:

  • Entries will be rated on each of the criteria below, on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest score:
  • Innovation Caliber – Uniqueness of the Application idea and relevance in the Uganda Market
  • Alignment to the category – How aligned the application is to theme under which an entry was submitted
  • Current Performance – How well the Application is delivering on its business objectives
  • Market Potential – The potential reach of the service which the application providers terms of market size
  • Sustainability – A demonstration of a sustainable Business model into the future
  • Business Case – The strength of the Application in delivering a ROI
  • Scalability – The potential and ability for the Application to be scaled up
  • Customer Experience – The richness of the customer engagement journey when using the application
  • Relevance in vertical industries – How well the application can support operational efficiency in business in the category while also enhancing consumer access & experience of service
  • Rich Business Intelligence presence – The scope of inbuilt application intelligence to proactively guide user and service provider decision making.
  • Multi-hosting – How well the Application provides a virtualized environment for Enterprise users

Categories for Outstanding Woman in Innovation & Innovation Achiever of the year

  • Entries will be rated on each of the criteria below, on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest score:
  • Novelty of Initiatives or Projects delivered – Uniqueness and relevance in the Uganda Market
  • Reach of Initiatives or projects The potential reach of the service which the application providers terms of market size
  • Current Measureable Impact of Initiatives or projects delivered in driving transformation
  • Sustainability – A demonstration of a sustainability into the future of initiatives or projects delivered
  • All the Awards will receive the following prizes
  • The MTN Innovations Award
  • Cash Prize of $3,000

Apply now at http://www.mtn.co.ug

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#HeIsHere by Awesome lyrics 


I used to smile not Becoz  I’m happy 

U gave me reason to 

I used to laugh not Becoz 

Your funny .

But u’ve arrived ! 

I’m a little gal 

Who has found love again  

No more dark nights 

No bitter heart forever haha

Now I smile .. yeeeey

Let’s dance to this tune Coz #YOUAreHere!

You are here, I feel alive again
You are here I find ma peace completely in you! 
You are here ..see the smile upon face 
You are here ..no body will ever shake us now! 



I remember when I used to hold back !

Thought ur the same Ohhh

U seemed to care , took  look at me . 

You gave me reason to make pain and sorrow,history!!!

You are here, I feel alive again
You are here I find ma peace completely in you! 
You are here ..see the smile upon face 
You are here ..no body will ever shake us now! 



Atuse yeeehh 

Atuse eyatonderwa…

Woah baby, boo, boy 

You Are Here! 

Ohhhhh ohhhhh .

You are here, I feel alive again
You are here I find ma peace completely in you! 
You are here ..see the smile upon face 
You are here ..no body will ever shake us now! 


Listen here 👉 https://soundcloud.com/user-207430734/you-are-here-awesome-prod-by-skills-on-da-beatm


#KnowYourCeleb: 21 Yr Old CEO, Tv&Radio Host-Dj Shawn

Gospel Eye

By: Rytah Ayebare (@RytahUg)

We as Gospel Eye continue With our Mission To Bring you more about Those individuals Who impact our lives through the different Ministries. Today We bring you More about Dj Shawn, the Brain behind #TheShockWave Mixtapes and many others as you’ll discover

RealNames: Kuteesa Samuel

Height: 6.5feet

Weight: 57kg

Age: 21

Nationality: Ugandan

BirthYear: 15/11/1996

StarSign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Family: Not Yet

Occupation:Tv&Radio Host, Co-Founder Red Entertainment, Student

FavQuote: Forget What you Want, and Remember what you deserve

FavFood: Rice&Peas

FavSong: Many

FavAnimal/Pet:I dont really like Animals

FavColour: White

FavTvShow: The Big Bang Theory

FavMovie: Life Of Pi

FavBook: Deliberately Selfish

FavCar: Range Rover

FavEmoji: ?


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#KnowYourCeleb: Discover Hope Kid, The General

Gospel Eye

By: RytahAyebare (@RytahUg)
In Episode 3 of our #KnowYourCeleb series, we feature Award Winning Kenyan General “Hope Kid”…

Discover Him below

RealNames: Simon peter

Height: 5.6 ft

Weight: 64 kgs

Age: -%%

Nationality: Kenyan

DateOfBirth: 19th feb

YearOfBirth: %%%

Status: Dating

Family: None except the one I come from

Occupation: Music maker/ business man

FavouriteQuote: “A cactus on its own intense no harm,it’s only when we interfere that it becomes dangerous ”

FavouriteFood: Ugali and fresh milk

FavouriteSong: SMILE ft benachi

FavouriteAnimal/Pet: Cat

FavouriteColour: Red

FavouriteMovie: Crossover 101

FavouriteSerie: Prison break

FavouriteBook: Bible

FavouriteCar: Mercedes benz

FavouriteEmoji: ?

FavouriteAccessory: My chain

Gentle/Casual: Semi casual/…

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